For most, the lowest point in your life would arguably be when you had a near fatal accident robbing you of your career, dreams and use of your legs. In TShane’s case, when your life has had many flavours of lows, there’s a wide array to pick from.

“There I was, freezing in 20 degree weather at a bus stop, homeless, and watching other homeless people fighting over a six pack of beer”. That was the turning point for TShane Johnson, an entrepreneur who’d hit rock bottom.

After realising he was only one or two decisions away from being in that exact spot – the only thing keeping him from it was the good fortune that he didn’t drink.

A far cry from that bus stop, TShane now spends his time running across America raising money for veterans, sharing his inspiring story of determination to prove nothing is impossible.

A Marine With A Stolen Dream
Before he was an entrepreneur, TShane joined the Marine Corps in 1998. “It was my lifelong ambition to become a bodybuilder like Arnold Schwarzenegger” he tells me. So even as a Marine, he did regular personal training sessions and spent extra hours in the gym building up the specific physique required to compete. Given his lifestyle, he was in peak mental and physical shape when his
TShane In The Marines TShane Johnson

Upon returning home from his Marine Corps base on his motorcycle, a car in front changed lanes suddenly causing him to slam into the side of the car, and go flying into the road ahead at 35mph hitting a brick house, chest first.

His survival was nothing other than a miracle, suffering a flailed chest, both lungs punctured, a broken collar bone, cracked shoulder blade, and all his ribs shattered. “I had a sliced liver, spleen, kidneys, my left bicep cut wide open, and a broken right hand”, he tells me, nonchalantly.

“I got up, confused and bleeding out, unable to breathe. No one would help me. I managed to walk two blocks by taking only small shallow breaths and holding my sliced open bicep as a weak attempt to try and slow the bleeding. I walked by a local fire station, where there happened to be an off-duty doctor who was visiting”, he recalls.

They rushed to help him, bayflighted him to a local hospital but he flat-lined once in the helicopter and twice when he arrived at the hospital and had to be brought back to life with electric paddles – technically, medically dying three times. In the helicopter they had to (without anesthesia) cut three holes into his chest to insert tubes to allow all the blood and fluid to drain out of his lungs, they had been filling up rapidly, and he was drowning.

Unsurprisingly, he was told by doctors that he would never physically be the same again, but after returning to his spiritual home in the Marine Corps, he slowly healed and was discharged without any major issues. He had zero physical therapy from the military and did it all himself, “It was an amazing recovery” he fondly recalls. “I went on to compete and actually won 4th place in a bodybuilding competition”.
Giving Arnie A Run For His Money TShane Johnson

The Homeless Entrepreneur
In the years that followed the incident, he turned his attention to business, and built up a Multi Million dollar company, unfortunately in the mortgage lending industry. “The irony isn’t lost on me”, he explains.

As someone who himself had a home, a mortgage, and in this case, a mortgage lending business, everything went up in smoke during the mortgage crisis that caused the 2007 global meltdown.

Having lost his business, home, and assets, he tried to get some odd jobs before attempting to get back into the mortgage industry, but he had been helping his sister pay her bills to keep a roof over her young son’s head because her husband, a veteran, had committed suicide, so he felt like he was her only hope.

“I lost my home, and my car, but all that mattered was that I could afford to keep them warm”, he tells me. “In the meantime I was wearing socks on my hands to keep them warm, and when I saw that group of homeless men fighting over beer, I did indeed think really hard about just giving up”.

TShane In Work Mode Image by Ray Tharaldson

Mindset Matters
Fortunately, his training as a Marine caused him to take a different attitude. Rather than wallow, he filled his mind with books from entrepreneurs and inspiring quotes from great thinkers, which eventually took him back onto a more steady path.

Having recovered mentally and physically, he started up again, had a child, and started running across America to raise money for Veterans – sort of like a real world Forrest Gump, with less of an accent. His mission is to inspire others that they can come back from anything, no matter what, and create a positive future for themselves and their community.

“So, what next?” I asked the ex-marine. “I will break the current Guinness’ Book of World Records for the ‘fastest marathon completed while carrying a 100 pound pack’ in less than 6 1.5 hours. To do so I need to complete 1,100 Miles with 100lbs on my back but aim to raise $1,000,000. Proceeds will go to the Gary Sinise Foundation later this year”, he replies determinedly.

So, if you think you have some challenges ahead of you this month, take it in your stride, and take it from TShane, you can bounce back from almost anything. As for the record he’s looking to beat? Well, I certainly wouldn’t bet against him accomplishing just that.

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